How to set time for alarm clock camera?

Date and time setting method for Clock camera

  • Please disable your antivirus software before setting.
  • This ‘time and date setting’ tool is only running in Windows.

Download the ‘date and time setting’ tool file from:

If you can not download, please send email to

a.Unzip the folder, confirm there is  ‘time.bat’ file.

  1. Connect the camera clock to computer(windows), make sure Micro SD card is installed. Turn on the camera by remote controller until the removable disk detected on your computer. e.g.:(F:).
  2. Double-click BAT file. Run the bat file, there will be a ‘Time.txt’ file created in your removeable disk F:. The time is sync with your current time in computer.
  3. Safely remove the SD card“”, you can record and show the date and time normally.